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The following positions are being recruited:

Development Engineer  1
Working place: Guangzhou Huadu

1. Responsible for compiling development materials and implementing product development work;
2. Responsible for periodic summary, monthly summary and monthly plan of the project;
3. Responsible for the pilot test process, and guide the technicians to carry out the production process conversion;
4. Responsible for process optimization and cost reduction of existing products;
5. Responsible for optimization and integration of existing product categories and codes; cooperate with the procurement department to complete the selection of new suppliers and raw materials;
6. Responsible for guiding the work of the experimenter, and evaluating and evaluating the experimenter;
7. Responsible for converting product development results into development output files, completing development review and verification until development confirmation;
8. Participate in market promotion, customer complaint handling and on-site problem analysis to ensure that the developed products meet customer requirements;
Participate in market research when necessary;
9. When any quality problem occurs in the production process, the company has the right to request the immediate suspension of production, and to make corrections and corrective measures for related problems.

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in polymer materials or chemistry, and experience in the development of insulating paints and composite materials related projects are preferred;
2. Have a strong ability to innovate, analyze and solve problems; work rigorously and meticulously, full of passion and strong psychological capacity.

 sales engineers 2
Working place: Guangzhou Huadu
1. Complete market research;
2. Complete target customer development;
3. Complete sales and payment collection tasks according to the company's target requirements;
4. Feedback and handle customer complaints;
5. Customer maintenance and relationship management to ensure that customers are not lost;
6. Handle customer orders and delivery matters;
7. Collect customer payment on time;
8. Customer site process determination and site service.

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical, electrical, electronic, chemical, polymer, materials, marketing and other related majors, fresh graduates are also available;
2. Cheerful, with good communication skills, sense of responsibility and time concept, proactive attitude, strong learning ability and execution ability.

Operator 1
Working place:Yingde, Qingyuan

1. Responsible for loading and unloading, stacking, sorting, stocking, stocking, handling, etc .;
2. It is responsible for marking the goods to ensure the correctness and uniqueness of the mark;
3. Assist the warehouse manager to carry in the warehouse of the goods, manage the warehouse, review, initialize the storage disposal, check out, and store the physical goods;
4. Responsible for the safe placement of inventory goods and environmental protection in the warehouse area. Regularly inspect the warehouse area to ensure the safety of the warehouse, equipment and goods.
5. Responsible for the cleaning of the production site and keeping the production site tidy; adhere to safe production and civilized production.

1. Work hard, meticulous, serious, no smoking, no fermentation wine;
2. Have good communication, coordination skills and teamwork spirit

Craftsman 1
Working place:Yingde, Qingyuan

1. Responsible for the safety management of the production site;
2. Responsible for the preparation of product production process documents, and control the entire process of product production;
3. Responsible for the improvement and verification of process technology, and participate in the analysis and treatment of product quality problems;
4. Responsible for the filling of various quality records in the production process. When necessary, the operator can be entrusted to complete, but supervision and inspection must be carried out;
5. Responsible for the quality and on-site management, supervision, guidance, and evaluation of the work of team members in the production process;

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry, polymer is preferred;
2. Familiar unsaturated polyester synthesis, main raw materials, performance and protection methods;
3. Possesses the ability to solve practical problems, can carry out technical analysis in time, find out the cause of the problem and solve it.